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The following are various drug information charts, guidelines, and links that I have collected or created.  Click on any of the links below that are of interest.  If you have any questions regarding the links, or want to report a link, click the link at the bottom of the page to send me a message.  Thank you.
Poison Control Center Phone Numbers:
Long Island:  (516) 542-2323
New Jersey:  (800) 962-1253
North Tarrytown, NY:  (800) 336-6997
Storm Center Useful Drug Info Links Disease State Treatment Guidelines Medical/Drug Information Websites
Adrenergic Receptor Tree Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment Clinical Trials
Allergic Reaction Types Arrhythmias Compounding Information
Anesthetic Gas White Paper Asthma Treatment Guidelines Doctor's Guide
Anticonvulsants by Seizure Type CAP Guidelines (2007) Drug Dangers (defective drug info)
Artic Sun Protocol Community Acquired Pneumonia Drug Interaction Checking
Asthma Exacerbation Classes Congestive Heart Failure Drug Shortages and Back-Orders
Blood Pressure Classifications Dyslipidemia Drugs.com
Blood Types H. Pylori Treatments E-Medicine
Body Surface Area Nomogram Hepatitis Overview and Guidelines Epocrates
Cholinergic Receptor Tree Hypertension Epocrates Drug/Dosing Information
Clotting Factor Tree Infectuous Diseases Facts and Comparisons
Coagulation Factors Medical Management of Depression Global RPh
Common Intravenous Infusions Myocardial Infarction Herbal Drug Reference
Common Lab Values Osteoporosis Institute for Safe Medication Practices
Common Medical Abbreviations Status Epilepticus Guidelines Lexi-Comp
Comparison of ACEI&II Dosing Stroke Micromedex
Coumadin Overdose Guidelines Systemic Candidiasis Decision Tree National Guideline Clearinghouse
Cytocrome P450 Interaction Chart Urinary Tract Infections Orange Book
Dialysis of Medications Potassium Supplementation Tree Pharma Lexicon
Dialysis of Medications 2010 Guide Hyponatremia Treatment Tree Pharmaceutical Approvals
Dosing Equivalency Information Parkinson's Treatment Algorithm Poison Control Centers and Numbers
FAST Test )Alzheimer's) Diabetes Treatment Algorithms Renal Failure Guidelines
Filtration Guidelines STD Treatment Guidelines Rx List
Heparin and Lovenox Dosing Science Direct
Inahled Corticosteroid Dosing Pharmacy Continuing Education Stanford Health Library
Insulin Compatibility and Kinetics Free CE WebMD
Insulin Dosing Formula Medscape CE
Intravenous Stability NACCME
List of Vitamin Synonyms Neuroscience CME Official Pharmacy Organizations
Local Anesthetic Classes Powerpak CE American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
Long Term Asthma Maintenance Medications RxSchool American Pharmacists Association
Long Term Coumadin Guidelines University of Kentucky CE American Society of Health System Pharmacists
Management of Drug Extravasations University of Texas CE National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
Medications That Should Not Be Crushed Pharmacists Society of the State of New York
Mini-Mental Exam (Dementia) Online Clinical Journals
Narcotic Chemical Classes Free Medical Journals Oncology Websites/Information
Narcotic Conversion Charts Free Medical Literature American Society of Clinical Oncology
NIH Stroke Scale Medline The National Comprehensive Cancer Network
NYS Controlled Substance Laws Medscape
Overview of Bronchodilators New England Journal of Medicine Pharmacy Law Information
Phenytoin IVPB Guidelines HIPPA Information
Pneumococcal Vaccine Fact Sheet Intravenous Infusion Rate Information NYS Pharmacy Law
Poisons and Antidotes Aggrastat Infusion Rates
Receptor Agonist/Antagonist Chart Argatroban Infusion Rates Pharmacy/Drug Company Websites
Sodium Content of Selected Medications Integrilin Infusion Rates CVS
Standard IV Concentrations Natrecor Infusion Rates Duane Reade
Sulfonamide Containing Drugs Precedex Infusion Rates Merck
Thyroid Hormone Equivalency Chart Primacor Infusion Rates Paddock Labs
TPN Calculations Reopro Infusion Rates Rite Aid
Treatment of ED Asthma Exacerbations Rx.com
Useful Pharmacy Formulas Pharmacy News and Information Walgreens
Corey Nahman
Drug Topics Official Federal Drug Websites
FDA.com Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Pharmacy Times Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
My forms (login required) US Pharmacist
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