Common Poisons and Recommended Antidotes
Toxin Antidote
Acetaminophen (in many analgesics) N-Acetylcysteine
Anticholinergics (antihistamines, plants, GI medications) Physostigmine (with caution)
Anticoagulants (in rodenticides) Vitamin K
Antimony (agent in paste) Dimercaprol (BAL), Penicillamine
Arsenic (ant traps) Dimercaprol (BAL), Penicillamine
Beta Blockers Glucagon
Bismuth (GI medication) Dimercaprol (BAL)
Botulism Botulism Antitoxin
Carbamate Insectisides Atropine
Calcium Channel Blockers Calcium Gluconate
Carbon Monoxide 100% Oxygen, Hyperbaric Oxygen
Chloroquine (antimalarial) Diazepam
Cyanide (fruit stone seeds, nitroprusside for hypertension, plastic fires, metal polishes) Lilly Cyanide Antidote Kit: Amyl nitrate, Sodium nitrate, Sodium thiosulfate; vitamin B-12 (investigative)
Digoxin, Digitoxin, Plants Digibind (Fragment Antibody Bovine (FAB))
Ethylene Glycol (antifreeze) Ethanol
Fluoride (rodenticides) Calcium Gluconate
Gold (antirheumatoid) Dimercaprol (BAL)
Hydralazine (antihypertensive) Pyridoxine
Hydrofluoric acid (etching glass) Local Calcium Gluconate Jelly, Magnesium Sulfate soaks
Iron (dietary supplementation) Deferoxamine (Desferal)
Isoniazid (antituberculosis) Pyridoxine
Lead (old paints and plaster dust) Calcium Disodium Edetate (EDTA), Dimercaprol (BAL)
Mercury (fungicides, thermometers) Dimercaprol (BAL), Penicillamine
Methemoglobinemia (nitrites, dyes) Methylene blue
Methanol (antifreeze, dry gas) Ethanol
Opioids Naloxone
Organophosphate Insectisides Atropine, Pralidoxamine
Phencyclidine ("Angel Dust", PCP) Ammonium Chloride (with caution)
Phenobarbital Sodium Bicarbonate
Phenothiazine Dystonic Reaction Diphenhydramine
Phenylurea (rodenticide, Vacor) Nicotinamide
Salicyclate Sodium Bicarbonate
Snake Bite Antivenom
Spider Bite (Lactrodectus - Black Widow) Antivenom
Tricyclic Antidepressants Sodium Bicarbonate
Opioid withdrawal Methadone, Clonidine
Barbiturate withdrawal Phenobarbital
Benzodiazepine withdrawal Diazepam
Ethanol withdrawal Diazepam
Other sedative/hypnotic withdrawal Phenobarbital or Diazepam
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