Oral Dosage Forms That Should Not Be Crushed
Drug Product Dosage Forms Reasons/Comments
Aciphex Tablet Slow release
Accutane Capsule Mucous membrane irritant
Actifed 12 Hour Capsule Slow release†
Acutrim (various) Tablet Slow release
Adalat CC Tablet Slow release
Adderall XL Capsule Slow release*
Advicor Tablet Slow release
Aerolate SR, JR, III Capsule Slow release*†
Allegra-D Tablet Slow release
Allerest 12 Hour Capsule Slow release
Altocor Tablet Slow release
Artane Sequels Capsule Slow release*†
Arthritis Bayer Time Release Capsule Slow release
Arthrotec Tablet Enteric-coated
ASA Enseals Tablet Enteric-coated
Asacol Tablet Slow release
Ascriptin A/D Tablet Enteric-coated
Ascriptin Extra Strength Tablet Enteric-coated
Atrohist LA Tablet Slow release†
Atrohist Plus Tablet Slow release†
Atrohist Pediatric Capsule Slow release *†
Augmentin XR Tablet Slow release
Avinza Capsule Slow release*
Azulfidine EN-tabs Tablet Enteric-coated
Baros Tablet Effervescent Tablet¶
Bayer Low Adult 81mg Strength Tablet Enteric-coated
Bayer Regular Strength 325mg Caplet Caplet Enteric-coated
Bayer Enteric-Coated Caplet Enteric-coated
Betachron Capsule Slow release
Betapen-VK Tablet Taste¤
Biaxin-XL Tablet Slow release
Biltricide Tablet Taste
Bisacodyl Tablet Enteric-coated‡
Bontril SR Capsule Slow release
Breonesin Capsule Slow release†
Brexin LA Capsule Slow release
Calan SR Tablet Slow release††
Cama Arthritis Pain Tablet Multiple compressed tablet
Carbatrol Capsule Slow release*
Carbiset-TR Tablet Slow release
Cardene SR Capsule Slow release
Cardizem Tablet Slow release
Cardizem CD Capsule Slow release*
Cardizem SR Capsule Slow release*
Carter's Little Pills Tablet Enteric-coated
CartiaXT Capsule Slow release
Ceclor CD Tablet Slow release
Ceftin Tablet Taste† (Note: Use suspension for children.)
CellCept Capsule, Tablet Teratogenic potential‡‡
Charcoal Plus Tablet Enteric-coated
Chloral Hydrate Capsule Note: Product is in liquid form within a special
Chlor-Trimeton 12-Hour Tablet Slow release†
Choledyl SA Tablet Slow release†
Cipro Tablet Taste¤
Claritin-D Tablet Slow release
Claritin-D 24-Hour Tablet Slow release
Codimal-LA Capsule Slow release
Codimal LA Half Capsule Slow release
Colace Capsule Taste¤
Colestid Tablet Slow release
Comhist LA Capsule Slow release*
Compazine Spansule Capsule Slow release†
Concerta Tablet Slow release
Condrin-LA Tablet Slow release
Congress SR, JR Capsule Slow release
Contac 12-Hour Capsule Slow release*†
Contac Maximum Strength Capsule Slow release*†
Cotazym S Capsule Enteric-coated*
Covera-HS Tablet Slow release
Creon 10, 20, 25 Capsule Enteric-coated*
Cystospaz-M Capsule Slow release
Cytoxan Tablet Note: Drug may be crushed but maker recommends
using injection.
Cytovene Capsule Skin irritant
D.A. II Tablet Slow release††
Dallergy Capsule Slow release
Dallergy-D Capsule Slow release
Dallergy-JR Capsule Slow release
Deconamine SR Capsule Slow release†
Defen-LA Tablet Slow release††
Depakene Capsule Slow release, mucous membrane irritant†
Depakote Capsule Enteric-coated
Desoxyn Gradumets Tablet Slow release
Desyrel Tablet Taste¤
Detrol LA Capsule Slow release
Dexatrim Extented Duration Tablet Slow release
Dexedrine Spansule Capsule Slow release
Diamox Sequels Capsule Slow release
Dilacor XR Capsule Slow release
Dilatrate-SR Capsule Slow release
Disobrom Tablet Slow release
Disophrol Chronotab Tablet Slow release
Dital Capsule Slow release
Ditropan XL Tablet Slow release
Dolobid Tablet Irritant
Donnatal Extentab Tablet Slow release†
Donnazyme Tablet Enteric-coated
Drisdol Capsule Liquid filled§
Drixoral Tablet Slow release†
Drixoral Plus Tablet Slow release
Dulcolax Tablet Enteric-coated‡
Duratuss GP Tablet Slow release††
Dura-Vent/A Tablet Slow release††
Dura-Vent/DA Tablet Slow release††
Dynabac Tablet Enteric-coated
DynaCirc CR Tablet Slow release
E-Mycin Tablet Enteric-coated
E.E.S. 400 Tablet Enteric-coated†
Easprin Tablet Enteric-coated
EC-Naprosyn Tablet Enteric-coated
Ecotrin Adult Low Tablet Enteric-coated
Ecotrin Maximum Tablet Enteric-coated
Ecotrin Regular Tablet Enteric-coated
Effexor XR Capsule Slow release
Efidac/24 Tablet Slow release
Efidac/24 Tablet Slow release
Endafed Capsule Slow release
Entex LA Tablet Slow release†
Entex PSE Tablet Slow release
Entocort EC Capsule Enteric-coated
Equanil Tablet Taste¤
Ergomar Tablet Sublingual form**
Ery-Tab Tablet Enteric-coated
Eryc Capsule Enteric-coated*
Erythrocin Stearate Tablet Enteric-coated
Erythromycin Base Tablet Enteric-coated
Eskalith CR Tablet Slow release
Exgest LA Tablet Slow release
Extendryl JR Capsule Slow release
Extendryl S-R Capsule Slow release†
Fe 50 Tablet Slow release
Fedahist Gyrocaps Capsule Slow release†
Fedahist Timecaps Capsule Slow release†
Feldene Capsule Mucous membrane irritant
Feocyte Tablet Slow release
Feosol Tablet Enteric-coated†
Feosol Spansule Capsule Slow release*†
Feratab Tablet Enteric-coated†
Fergon Capsule Slow release*
Fero-Grad 500 mg Tablet Slow release
Ferro-Sequels Tablet Slow release
Feverall Sprinkle Capsule Taste*  (Note: Capsule contents intended to be placed in a teaspoonful of water or soft food.)
Flomax Capsule Slow release
Fosamax Tablet Mucous membrane irritant
Fumatinic Capsule Slow release
Gastrocrom Capsule Note: Contents may be dissolved in water for
Geocillin Tablet Taste
Glucophage XR Tablet Slow release
Glucotrol XL Tablet Slow release
Gris-Peg Tablet Note: Crushing may result in precipitation as larger
Guaifed Capsule Slow release
Guaifed - PD Capsule Slow release
Guaifenex LA Tablet Slow release††
Guaifenex PPA Tablet Slow release
Guaifenex PSE Tablet Slow release††
Guaimax-D Tablet Slow release
Humabid DM Tablet Slow release
Humabid DM Sprinkle Capsule Slow release*
Humabid LA Tablet Slow release
Humabid Sprinkle Capsule Slow release*
Hydergine L-C Capsule Note: Product is in liquid form within a special
Iberet Tablet Slow release†
Iberet 500 Tablet Slow release†
ICaps Plus Tablet Slow release
ICaps Time Release Tablet Slow release
Ilotycin Tablet Enteric-coated
Imdur Tablet Slow release††
Inderal LA Capsule Slow release
Inderide LA Capsule Slow release
Indocin SR Capsule Slow release*†
Ionamin Capsule Slow release
Isoptin SR Tablet Slow release
Isordil Sublingual Tablet Sublinqual form**
Isordil Tembid Tablet Slow release
Isosorbide Dinitrate Sublingual Tablet Sublingual form**
Isosorbide SR Tablet Slow release
K + 8 Tablet Slow release†
K + 10 Tablet Slow release†
K-Dur Tablet Slow release
K-Lease Capsule Slow release*†
K-Lyte Tablet Effervescent tablet¶
K-Lyte CL Tablet Effervescent tablet¶
K-Lyte DS Tablet Effervescent tablet¶
K-Norm Capsule Slow release
K-Tab Tablet Slow release†
Kadian Capsule Slow release*
Kaon CL Tablet Slow release†
Klor-Con Tablet Slow release†
Klotrix Tablet Slow release†
Levbid Tablet Slow release††
Levsinex Timecaps Capsule Slow release
Lexxel Tablet Slow release
Lithobid Tablet Slow release
Lodine-XL Tablet Slow release
Lodrane LD Capsule Slow release*
Mag-Tab SR Tablet Slow release
Mestinon Timespan Tablet Slow release†
Metadate Capsule Slow release
Mi-Cebrin Tablet Enteric-coated
MI-Cebrin T Tablet Enteric-coated
Micro K Capsule Slow release*†
Monafed Tablet Slow release
Monafed DM Tablet Slow release
Motrin Tablet Taste¤
MS Contin Tablet Slow release†
Muco-Fen-DM Tablet Slow release††
Muco-Fen-LA Tablet Slow release††
Naldecon Tablet Slow release†
Naprelan Tablet Slow release
Nasatab LA Tablet Slow release††
Nexium Capsule Slow release*
Nicotinic Acid Capsule, Tablet Slow release
Nitro-Time Capsule Slow release
Nitroglyn Capsule Slow release*
Nitromed Tablet Slow release
Nitrong Tablet Sublingual route**
Nitrostat Tablet Sublingual route**
Nolamine Tablet Slow release
Nolex LA Tablet Slow release
Norflex Tablet Slow release
Norpace CR Capsule Slow release form within a special capsule.
Ondrox Tablet Slow release
Optilets 500 Tablet Enteric-coated
Optilets-M 500 Tablet Enteric-coated
Oragrafin Capsule Note: Product is in liquid form within a special
Oramorph SR Tablet Slow release†
Ornade Spansule Capsule Slow release
OxyContin Tablet Slow release
Pabalate Tablet Enteric-coated
Pabalate SF Tablet Enteric-coated
Pancrease Capsule Enteric-coated*
Pancrease MT Capsule Enteric-coated*
Panmist Jr, LA Tablet Slow release††
Panmycin Capsule Taste
Pannaz Tablet Slow release††
Papaverine Sustained Action Capsule Slow release
Pathilon Sequels Capsule Slow release*
Pavabid Plateau Capsule Slow release*
Paxil CR Tablet Slow release
PBZ-SR Tablet Slow release†
Pentasa Tablet Slow release
Perdiem Granules Wax coated
Peritrate SA Tablet Slow release††
Permitil Chronotab Tablet Slow release†
Phazyme Tablet Slow release
Phazyme 95, 125 Tablet Slow release
Phenergan Tablet Taste‡
Phyllocontin Tablet Slow release
Plendil Tablet Slow release
Pneumomist Tablet Slow release††
Polaramine Repetabs Tablet Slow release†
Prelu-2 Capsule Slow release
Prevacid Capsule Slow release
Prevacid Suspension Suspension Slow release (Note: Contains enteric-coated granules.)
Prilosec Capsule Slow release
Pro-Banthine Tablet Taste
Procainmide HCL SR Tablet Slow release
Procanbid Tablet Slow release
Procardia Capsule Delays absorption†¤
Procardia XL Tablet Slow release (Note: AUC is unaffected)
Profen II Tablet Slow release††
Profen-LA Tablet Slow release††
Pronestyl SR Tablet Slow release
Propecia Tablet Note: Women who are, or may become, pregnant,
should not handle crushed or broken tablets.
Proscar Tablet Note: Women who are, or may become, pregnant,
should not handle crushed or broken tablets.
Protonix Tablet Slow release
Proventil Repetabs Tablet Slow release†
Prozac Capsule Slow release*
Pytest Capsule Note: radiopharmaceutical
Quibron-T SR Tablet Slow release†
Quin-Release Tablet Slow release
Quinaglute Dura-Tabs Tablet Slow release
Quinidex Extentabs Tablet Slow release
Respa-1st Tablet Slow release††
Respa-DM Tablet Slow release††
Respa-GF Tablet Slow release††
Respahist Capsule Slow release*
Respaire SR Capsule Slow release
Respbid Tablet Slow release
Ritalin SR Tablet Slow release
Robimycin Tablet Enteric-coated
Rondec TR Tablet Slow release†
Ru-Tuss DE Tablet Slow release
Sinemet CR Tablet Slow release
Singlet for Adults Tablet Slow release
Slo-Bid Gyrocaps Capsule Slow release*
Slo-Niacin Tablet Slow release††
Slo-Phyllin GG Capsule Slow release†
Slo-Phyllin Gyrocaps Capsule Slow release*†
Slow-FE Tablet Slow release†
Slow-FE with Folic Acid Tablet Slow release
Slow-K Tablet Slow release†
Slow-Mag Tablet Slow release
Sorbitrate SA Tablet Slow release
Sorbitrate Sublingual Tablet Sublingual route
S-P-T Capsule Note: Liquid gelatin thyroid suspension.
Sudafed 12 hour Capsule Slow release†
Sudal 60/500 Tablet Slow release
Sudal 120/600 Tablet Slow release
Sudex Tablet Slow release††
Sular Tablet Slow release
Sustaire Tablet Slow release†
Syn-RX Tablet Slow release
Syn-RX DM Tablet Slow release
T-Phyl Tablet Slow release
Tavist-D Tablet Multiple compressed tablet
Teczam Tablet Slow release
Tedral SA Tablet Slow release†
Tegretol-XR Tablet Slow release
Teldrin Maximum Strength Capsule Slow release*
Temodar Capsule Note: If capsules are accidentally opened or
damaged, rigorous precautions should be taken with the capsule contents to avoid inhalation or contact
with the skin or mucous membranes.‡‡
Tepanil Ten-Tab Tablet Slow release
Tessalon Perles Capsule Slow release
Theo-24 Tablet Slow release†
Theo-Dur Tablet Slow release†
Theo-Dur Sprinkle Capsule Slow release*†
Theo-Sav Tablet Slow release††
Theo-Span-SR Capsule Slow release
Theo-Time SR Tablet Slow release
Theo-X Tablet Slow release
Theobid Duracaps Capsule Slow release*†
Theochron Tablet Slow release
Theoclear LA Capsule Slow release†
Theolair SR Tablet Slow release†
Theovent Capsule Slow release†
Thorazine Spansule Capsule Slow release
Tiamate Tablet Slow release
Tiazac Capsule Slow release
Topamax Tablet, Capsule* Taste*
Toprol XL Tablet Slow release††
Touro A&D Capsule Slow release
Touro EX Tablet Slow release
Touro LA Tablet Slow release
Trental Tablet Slow release
Tri-Phen-Chlor Time Released Tablet Slow release
Tri-Phen-Mine SR Tablet Slow release
Triaminic Tablet Enteric-coated†
Triaminic 12 Tablet Slow release†
Triaminic TR Tablet Multiple compressed tablet†
Triptone Tablet Slow release
Tuss LA Tablet Slow release
Tuss Ornade Spansule Capsule Slow release
Tylenol Extended Relief Capsule Slow release
ULR-LA Tablet Slow release
Ultrase Capsule Enteric-coated*
Ultrase MT Capsule Enteric-coated*
Urocit-K Tablet Wax-coated
Uni-Dur Tablet Slow release
Uniphyl Tablet Slow release
Verelan Capsule Slow release*
Videx EC Capsule Slow release
Volmax Tablet Slow release
Wellbutrin SR Tablet Anesthetize mucous membrane
Wygesic Tablet Taste
ZORprin Tablet Slow release
Zyban Tablet Slow release
Zymase Capsule Enteric-coated*
*  Capsule may be opened and the contents taken without crushing or chewing; soft food
such as applesauce or pudding may facilitate administration; contents may generally be
administered via nasogastric tube using an appropriate fluid provided entire contents are
washed down the tube.
  Liquid dosage forms of the product are available; however, dose, frequency of
administration and manufacturers may differ from that of the solid dosage form.
  Antacids and/or milk may prematurely dissolve the coating of the tablet.
§  Capsule may be opened and the liquid contents removed for administration.
¤  The taste of this product in a liquid form would likely be unacceptable to the patient;
administration via nasogastric tube should be acceptable.
  Effervescent tablets must be dissolved in the amount of diluent recommended by the
**  Tablets are made to disintegrate under the tongue.
††  Tablet is scored and may be broken in half without affecting release characteristics.
‡‡  Skin contact may enhance tumor production; avoid direct contact.
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