Bracket Bonanza - The NCAA Tournament Pool 2009
(Now entering its fifth season)

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Tars Heels Stomp Spartans For Title
Well that was anti-climactic.  North Carolina completed its coronation tour (AKA the 2009 NCAA tournament), and thus has captured the 2009 NCAA title.  The Tar Heels led pretty much led the entire way (Michigan St. briefly held a 3-2 lead), en route to another dominant victory.  No team managed to come any closer than 12 points to North Carolina throughout the tournament.  Congratulations to North Carolina on it's fifth national championship.

In the Bonanza, Steve Gillespie has won the 2009 Bonanza title.  James Murtha had the best overall record, and actually tied Kathleen Meskill's record from 2007.  This easily gives James the dubious distinction of possessing the best overall record without winning the title (Kathleen won in 2007).  James Heiman came the closest to predicting the final total score, only missing by 3 points.

Congratulations to Steve Gillespie on winning the 2009 Bonanza.  See you all in 2010!
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